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Welcome to #14Debuts, all about great 2014 YA debuts and their amazing authors! Each post comes out 12:00 AM and it will run from 4.14.14. to 4.27.14. As time goes on, I’ll update this page with the authors and giveaways going on. Stay tuned for guest posts, interview, dream casts and some great giveaways! 

Ξ Colleen Oakes — Queen of Hearts — 4.14.14. — Giveaway of two signed copies of Queen of Hearts/US only — Link to Post Ξ

Ξ Mary Crockett — Dream Boy — 4.15.14. — Link to Post Ξ

Ξ MG Buehrlen — The 57 Lives of Alex Wayfare — 4.16.14. — Giveaway of swag from The 57 Lives of Alex Wayfare/INT — Link to Post Ξ

Ξ Skylar Dorset — The Girl Who Never Was — 4.17.14. — Giveaway of signed swag from The Girl Who Never Was/INT — Link to Post Ξ

Ξ Melissa A. Petreshock — Fire of Stars and Dragons — 4.18.14. — Giveaway of an iPhone (4/4S/5S/5C) case, Samsung Galaxy (S4/S5) case or a silver metal keychain from Fire of Stars and Dragons/North America only — Link to Post Ξ

Ξ Danielle L. Jensen Stolen Songbird — 4.19.14. — Giveaway of a signed copy of Stolen Songbird and swag/North America only — Link to Post Ξ

Ξ Liz Czukas Ask Again Later — 4.20.14. — Giveaway of a copy of Ask Again Later and a copy of Nil by Lynne Matson/North America only — Link to Post Ξ

Ξ Mary Elizabeth Summer Trust Me, I’m Lying — 4.21.14. — Grift Bag Giveaway — Link to Post Ξ

Ξ Joshua David Bellin — Survival Colony 9 — 4.22.14. — Signed copy of Survival Colony 9/US Only — Link to Post Ξ

Ξ Bethany Crandell — Summer on the Short Bus — 4.23.14. — Link to Post Ξ

Ξ Megan Whitmer — Between — 4.24.14. — Paperback copy of Between/INT — Link to Post Ξ

Ξ Julie Murphy — Side Effects May Vary — 4.25.14. — Copy of Side Effects May Vary/US — Link to Post Ξ

Ξ Anne Blankman — Prisoner of Night and Fog — 4.25.14. — Link to Post Ξ

Ξ AdriAnne Strickland — Wordless — 4.26.14. — Link to Post Ξ

Ξ Kathryn Rose — Camelot Burning — 4.27.14. — Signed copy of Camelot Burning– Link to Post Ξ

Ξ Rosamund Hodge — Cruel Beauty — 4.27.14. — Link to Post Ξ

Ξ Jen McConnel — Daughter of Chaos — 4.27.14. — Daughter of Chaos swag pack– Link to Post Ξ