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About Me

Hi, my name’s Eli, and I’m the blogger behind the The Silver Words and Tweens Read Too, a book review and recommendation blog for people between the ages of 11 and 13.

I’m a teen who loves to read, write and plan features for authors. I’ve been book blogging for almost four years now and I can’t imagine leaving the community anytime soon. I’ve appeared as my alternate personality in Paula Stokes’ Infinite Repeat and designed fun things for authors and book lovers. Being a street teamer is a huge part of my life as a blogger and an unofficial publicist of authors I adore is a huge part of my life as a blogger and I hope to get published myself one day. I love my tweeps, so be sure to hit me up on Twitter @thesilverwords! I’m also a coder and a lover of cartoons I will never be too old for. According to Bethany Crandell, I am Theo James.

And yes, I do enjoy a slice Dauntless cake.

Before you contact me about any review requests, please read my review policy.

About The Silver Words

The Silver Words is a book review, author guest post and writing blog. Posts usually come out every other day but sometimes will come out consecutive days usually due to blog tours or features.

The Silver Words came into being as the .com version of a blog I worked on for about a year and a half called RealityLapse under WordPress.com. Because of this, you might see the terms RealityLapse, RL or improperly formatted code in my old posts. If you see this, please give me a heads up! I will be working on The Silver Words for the next few months so little things are likely over time. :) The Silver Words is a blank slate, with all my blog statistics reset.

Here are The Silver Words’ statistics (updated December 30th, 2016):

  • TSW pageviews (between 1/25/15 and 12/30/16): 18,137
  • 2016 pageviews: 9,888
  • Followers (Bloglovin/Feedburner/Wordpress): 375
  • 990 Twitter followers
  • 69 Facebook likes
  • 65 Instagram followers


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