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The page below is from a post that I did that I used to convince many of my friends and fellow bloggers to do Nanowrimo in November 2014, and I thought it would be a great way to introduce people to this awesome event! For those of you writers and non-writers, I sincerely hope to see you at the next Nanowrimo! Links, what Nanowrimo is and why you should do it are below!

What is Nanowrimo?

  • Nanowrimo, stylized sometimes as NaNoWriMo, stands for National Novel Writing Month.
  • This is when people from all over the world get together on the internet to write their own novel within the month of November.
  • You “win” if you manage to write 50,000 words.
  • You can do one project, or countless.
  • You can participate solely online or go to meetings in your area where Nanowrimo participants are gathering.
  • Nanowrimo helps you to finish a novel, or at least–make a big dent in it.

Why should I do Nanowrimo?

  1. It’s FUN. Who knows? You could discover that you actually really like writing, or that you’re really good at it.
  2. You can meet new people. Meeting new people is one of the most fun parts of Nanowrimo and blogging. I’ve met a lot of great people on Twitter, through RealityLapse and Tweens Read Too and Nanowrimo. Meeting other people who are just exploring writing or who have been writing for a long time is amazing, and finding people with the same passions as you is a lot of fun.
  3. You can get advice and feedback from others.
  4. You could get pubbed! Cal Armistead, Anne Lyle, Teri Brown, Julie Murphy, Erin Morgenstern, Stephanie Perkins, Nikki McCormack, Marissa Meyer, Susan Dennard, Sara Gruen, Lauren Gibaldi, Karen Harrington, Gennifer Albin, Hugh Howey, Erica Cameron and Rainbow Rowell are just some of the many authors who have been found and published because of Nanowrimo. Here’s the full list.
  5. You can start and finish a novel. The feeling of finishing a book is like no other. Really, it’s the first step to writing novels–and once you feel it, you can’t stop. It’s amazing to finish something and even if you don’t finish, you can end up making a pretty good dent into your story.
  6. You can write whatever you want. There’s endless possibilities, from fanfiction to novellas to YA.
  7. As part of Nanowrimo’s actual tagline, “No plot? No problem!” There’s plenty of places to find a way to drive your plot. Pinterest and Wattpad are a few ways outside of Nanowrimo, but Nanowrimo also provides pep talks from authors and inspiration.
  8. You can become a better writer and communicator. Writing in general helps a lot with communication and learning about others, and no matter what you write it can help you day to day reading and writing to communicate.
  9. Nanowrimo is a great experience. All in all, there are so many benefits to Nanowrimo. It’s a lot of fun and you get to see writing in a whole new light, as well as meeting people who inspire you to write better.
  10. It’s free to participate!

How do you convince someone to do Nanowrimo?

you can do this gif
And say something along the lines of:
you can do this gif
is that what a dinosaur would do gif
if you can dream it you can do it gif
don't let the haters stop you from doing your thang gif
And remember to tell yourself that every once in a while. :D

Heck yeah. Let’s do Nanowrimo.