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The Silver Words is a book review, author guest post and writing blog. Posts usually come out every other day but sometimes will come out consecutive days usually due to blog tours or features. The Silver Words came into being as the .com version of a blog I worked on for about a year and a half called RealityLapse under WordPress.com. Silver Words Week is all about celebrating the new design and is much like a blogoversary celebration. Thanks for stopping by, and click any of the posts below (page will be updated as Silver Words Week–January 25th to February 2nd–goes on) to see giveaways and author/blogger thoughts on The Silver Words, their books and more! Posts will come out five days and two extra days for the giveaway.

Ξ January 25th: Ashley Nixon, Author of CUTLASS and FLINTLOCK Ξ

Ξ January 26th: Nova, Blogger at Out of Time Book Blog Ξ

Ξ January 27th: Heather Demetrios, Author of I’LL MEET YOU THERE Ξ

Ξ January 28th: Paula Stokes, Author of LIARS, INC. Ξ

Ξ January 29th: My recap of the FAIREST by Marissa Meyer Launch Ξ